Have you ever noticed that feeling you get inside that seems to pop up and tug at your soul whenever you feel out of alignment or out of pocket?  It’s a negative shift that happens at our core when our soul senses that something is off, but it’s a negative course correction that is meant to shift us back into our purpose.  It’s a negative shift, but one with the intent of a positive outcome, if we’re willing to move when we receive the message.

I get this feeling every time I start to wander off the path I was created to travel or whenever I act in a way that is not representative of the type of man I know I am supposed to be.  It’s the thing that keeps me from straying too far, from sinking too low or from going wildly off course when I have moments of doubt or despair.

Whether you consider this tethering feature built in to the human psyche to be God, the universe, source energy or some other force greater than the individual self, it is real and it’s time you start paying very close attention.  It is divine synchronicity and it is powerful!

Each of us know when life feels off kilter or when we feel guilt for not being the person we know we should be, so why do we ignore this free help from within?  

There is almost always fear involved; fear of the unknown, fear of the shift.  Our egos are also experts at getting in the way and often times we’d rather spend our lives fighting to prove that we are right and solidifying our perspective, rather than accepting the fact that we are all connected and a part of something far greater than ourselves.  That’s unfortunate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, fear is manufactured in our minds and has no place in a happy, fulfilled life.  Living a life of fear brings no benefit to you or to those around you, so let it go.  Find your purpose and remain focused on that and the rest will fall by the wayside.  Doing this will not only bring you joy, but will inspire others to do the same.  Then and only then will you know what it feels like to be in sync with your true purpose.

Only when we embrace the concept of divine synchronicity and allow ourselves to live in alignment, will we be able to truly see ourselves and those around us as the beautiful, capable human beings that we all are.  By living in our own individual truths, we erase the need for competition, comparison and any other ego driven emotions that too often pit us against each other.  You do you, I’ll do me and we’ll all get along divinely and synchronistically.  (Yep that’s a word…I looked it up!)

Today, I’d like you to step outside of your comfort zone.  Trust me when I say that you are special and you are worth knowing.  The same can be said about billions of other souls around the globe.  We were not created to travel through life alone, so today I’d like you to invite a new companion into your journey.  Today, I’d like you to have a conversation with someone new, someone unlike anyone in your life.

I know this is difficult for a lot of people and not necessarily because we don’t WANT to meet other people, but because we’re not sure how to start the conversation.  We gravitate towards what we know…I get it.  I’ve been guilty of living that life too, but I’m challenging you to flip that script! 

I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful black man from the deep south for almost 6 years now.  I grew up Catholic in a small Ohio town; he grew up the son of a preacher from Atlanta, Georgia.  Our childhoods could not have been more different.  I ran around outdoors with my brothers and sisters all year round, got dirty, played sports and had adventures.  He grew up an only child and was afraid of his own back yard.  I know it sounds funny, but I’m being dead serious.  He was a little worrywart who’d much rather live in the fantasy inside his mind than get dirty outdoors.  He was raised to avoid confrontation, to be overly respectful of law enforcement and to focus on his studies, because that would be his ticket to success.

I was raised in a family that thrived in confrontation and storytelling!  I thought cops were cool, so cool that I went on ride-alongs with my uncle for fun as a kid to see all the scary people in the dirty parts of town where I was taught to lock my door while riding through.  Most of those “scary” people didn’t look like me or like anyone else I knew.  It was my uncle’ s reality and he’s a hero for devoting his life to that line of work, but it was almost like viewing animals at the zoo for me.  No one talked about these people’s stories.  We just looked at them with sadness and judgment; what a privilege. 

As for schoolwork…that was never a focus or concern of mine.  It was assumed I’d go to college, so I never felt compelled to push myself.  My boyfriend got a full scholarship because he was crazy smart.  He graduated high school at 17 and college at 21.  I spent 6 ½ years bouncing around 3 different colleges, racking up student loan debt and bleeding my parents dry.  I was privileged.

I share some of these stories to say this.  My boyfriend is not someone I had expected to know or care about, let alone fall in love with, yet here I am.  Through my time in college and in the years after, I expanded my mind and in doing so, expanded my heart.  I met people different from me, I asked questions about things I did no understand and I LISTENED, even when I didn’t always hear what I wanted to hear. 

In the end, I found the man of my dreams. 

Your story will be different and I’m not telling you to go fall in love with your polar opposite, but I am saying that the person you might think is your polar opposite, could be more like you than you realize, so go start a dialog with that person.  

I’m not asking you to take this person on your journey, but to simply invite them in to a moment of it.  Ask questions, inquire about things you do not understand and find out what makes this person tick.  Maybe this means talking to someone of a different religion or of no religion at all, maybe this means talking to that one person at work that everyone else tends to avoid, or maybe, just maybe, this means talking to a Republican or a Democrat…GASP!  You’ll be fine, I promise!  We are all far more connected than we realize and a simple conversation is still the most powerful way to broaden our understanding of the people we normally avoid.  Today is the day that all changes.  Today, we’re all going to start living a little more in sync with one another!

Open yourself up to someone new and I promise that you will see the world differently, but you will also get to know yourself a little better in the process.  Focus less on telling your story and more on LISTENING.  It feels good to connect with others, so get out there and start connecting.  I want to know how it goes, so please share your story below!