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Chapter 6 - Rattled AF (Part 1/3)

“We’re not getting a black chair; I think they’re so tacky and I can’t write a book feeling like I’m sitting in a stuffy office somewhere, wasting my life away!”

I was adamant about not wanting…

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Flipping the Script Intro (Part 3/3)

Along my journey, I’ve found that many people would rather live a life without meaning, struggling to make ends meet and lacking basic happiness, rather than putting in the work necessary to effect positive change in themselves and in those around them. I get it. I’ve been that guy, and it’s no fun.

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Finding the FUN in Fear!

As a child I was taught to fear everything. Strangers in windowless vans offering candy, Jehovah’s Witnesses going door to door trying to spread their message or anyone from our rival town just 10 minutes away were all sources of fear. I’d definitely advise against the whole strangers with candy thing, but like so many fears…

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