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Sooo, what now???

I haven’t written a blog in over a month and to be quite honest, I haven’t felt inspired to. Partly because I was busy promoting my book and partly because I was just not all that interested in sharing. It’s been a wild 6 weeks since…

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Two days prior, I’d presented at The Daytime Emmys. Miss Vivica A. Fox and I handed the award for Outstanding Morning Program to the team from Good Morning America. It was one of the coolest experiences and proudest moments…

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Chapter 6 - Rattled AF (Part 1/3)

“We’re not getting a black chair; I think they’re so tacky and I can’t write a book feeling like I’m sitting in a stuffy office somewhere, wasting my life away!”

I was adamant about not wanting…

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White Men Can't Communicate?

Growing up, I thought a lack of hops was the only thing we had trouble with but as an adult, I’ve realized communication is even more difficult for many of us than getting to the rim on a basketball court.  Much of what I learned growing up in a small town was influenced by the movies and TV shows…

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It’s Time to Level Up!

My theme for 2018 is “Leveling Up.” I’ve played small for most of my life, never accepting my gifts or allowing myself to dream of a better life. I was raised to be grateful for what I was given and accept that as what I was meant to have. I am grateful, but I accept…

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